Monday, November 26, 2012

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Monday, November 5, 2012

7 Ways to Educate Yourself During Election

As the November 2nd elections quickly approach, it is crucial that you take a critical look at the people who want your vote.  Listen closely to what they claim they are going to do for you and your community.   And, most importantly, do some research on what they have done.  This one single action will make a huge difference.  Following are ways to educate yourself about the candidates who want your votes.
1. Check out their websites
All candidates should have websites. Read through them thoroughly. Will you seriously vote for people who don't tell others what they plan to do if elected?  If they don't have a web site, that's a big red flag.  If the site looks like it was thrown up at the last minute, that's another red flag.  Take the time to do your homework and ask questions.  A little work now will save a lot of heartache later.
2. Read political blogs
These are great sources of information about candidates and issues.  Some bloggers give opinions; others give facts.  Either way, you cannot go wrong.  Political blogs will not only enhance your knowledge about candidates, they will increase your political education.  You will gain a wide variety of views from a multitude of sources.
3. Go to candidate forums
Forums are held at different locations throughout YOUR community. You will not only get the chance to hear what candidates have to say, you may get a chance to speak with them personally.  If some candidates never attend any forums in YOUR community, this is pretty much a sign of your relevance to them.  This is an indication of how much they care about you, your community, your issues and ultimately you vote.
4. Do politicians come to your community?
Even though politicians cannot be everywhere, keep in mind that they have a full term to check out your community.  Be leery of politicians you only see during election time, especially if they only come to your church and not to schools, community and civic events.
5. Seek the wisdom of elders
If you are not political savvy, speak to elders about past political campaigns.  As you know, history repeats itself, and the seniors have experienced many elections over the years.  Take time to seek their wisdom to get informed.
6. Hang out on social networking sites.
Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have replaced traditional media as reliable news sources.  Like political blogs, you will gain a lot of insight from a variety of sources which can help with your decision making.
7. WVON AM 1690
The personalities on WVON AM 1690 are very political savvy.  This is one of the best resources to learn about local and national candidates and their actions.  They are truly "the voice of the nation."
Ignorance is not bliss, especially when you are putting your life in someone else's hands - including politicians.  Be sure to pick at least one of the ways listed above to educate yourself about politicians seeking your vote.  Ultimately, your destiny is determined by your decision to vote or not to vote.