Monday, August 27, 2012

Programs and Education Benefits For Navy Spouses

While military spouses aren't covered by the same tuition assistance benefits to the same degree as their active duty service members, the funds available through education programs for spouses and family members sure are helpful in defraying the costs associated with earning a college or vocational degree.
Here are some of the assistance programs and opportunities offered to Navy spouses:
SOCNAV, the Service Members Opportunity Colleges degree program, consists of colleges that offer degree programs on, or accessible to installations worldwide. SOCNAV guarantees that adult family members can continue to work towards attaining their degrees, even if they experience frequent Navy transfers. Distance learning, which requires no classroom residency, is another option available under this program.
The Navy Marine Corps Relief Society (NMCRS) offers the Spouse Tuition Aid Program to spouses whose service members are on active duty and stationed overseas. The spouse may be a full or part-time student studying towards a vocational certificate or college degree. At the undergraduate level, a maximum of $300 per semester and $1500 per year is authorized, whereas the total allowed for pursuing a graduate degree is $350 per semester and $1750 annually.
Spouses of active duty members can apply for the Vice Admiral E.P. Travers Scholarship and Loan Program as long as he or she is a full-time undergraduate student at an accredited academic institution. Here is a brief description:
- 1000 grants at $2000 each are awarded each academic year.
- Applicants are also evaluated for an interest-free student of up to $3000.
- Repayment of the loan begins within 30 days of award and must be repaid by allotment within two years.
- The application deadline is March 1st of each year.
- Applications received after the deadline will not be considered for the scholarship; however, they will be evaluated for loan purposes.
There is more good news for military spouses - A special provision of the Post-9/11 GI Bill offers education benefits for the spouses and children of service members. The new law gives the Department of Defense authorization to allow those who have served a minimum of six years in the Armed Forces, and who agree to serve at least four more, to transfer their unused GI Bill entitlement to their spouse. Also, when a service member reaches their 10-year anniversary, they have the option of transferring the benefit to their spouse or any of their dependents.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Benefits of Getting Currency Trading Education

There are a lot of things to be said about learning forex trading. In fact, one could go on talking for hours as long as it's about currency trading education and how to acquire knowledge on the field of forex trading. So this article provides you me precise thoughts on learning about forex trading.
It will be easy to start with how forex trading is defined. Just like a business of any other, it follows a plan. It helps to have your separate accounting records, bank accounts and a system of your own. You also need to work on it daily and consistently keep yourself updated of relevant information through news sites that offer such. What's more, you can also try the latest products from time to time and browse blogs and forums too! Simply put, trading is a serious business that requires your undivided attention.
To succeed in this field, a good trading strategy just won't suffice. Discipline is also a vital part to stay on track even if you encounter a couple of losses because you'll eventually profits anytime soon. Despite being a basic pre-requisite, most traders fail to have it. Why?
It's due to the fact that most of them treat these losses personally so they make variations that backfire. Traders like such should know that a long term victory is through short term and small losses.
To be supplied with the right currency trading education, you should be able to stick to your system and maintain your discipline. This way you'll be able to earn enough in the trading business which is what its supposed to be in the first place.
By the time you get to learn everything you need to know from currency trading education, you'll surely get confidence and get used to the industry as a disciplined trader who is earning huge bucks.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Government Sets Up Aid For Education

If you are a single mother and are struggling to make ends meet, you know that you could do much better if you had a college education. I'm sure at some point this thought has either entered your mind or has actually been spoken to you by someone you know. Many times people don't have the money to go back to school, thus it leaves you feeling like you're stuck in a situation you may not be able to come out of.
There are countless reasons why many women never finished their education after they graduated from high school. Unfortunately, a very common reason is due to the family not having the financial ability to send their children to school. Many times family members had to immediately go to work after finishing high school just to support the family itself.
Other times women may have decided that they would like to start a family and then go and finish college later. The truth of the matter is we all know that once you have children what you really want to do is not always possible. Keeping up with the expense of children can be quite exhausting as well as financially straining.
The good news is that Pres. Obama has created a scholarship for mothers program that gives single mothers financial aid up to the amount of $10,000 to return to school. Understand that this is money that you never have to pay back like a loan. Obama himself has said that he wants all women to return to school and finish their education. They are now making it possible through the financial aid the government has set up.
Don't waste a lot of time thinking about it however because the money will not last forever. If you are serious about putting yourself and your family in a better situation, then you should act quickly.
I have found A great resource for scholarships for moms [] that will help you get started. Don't just settle for one either as there are many you can apply for.